We manufacture the most diverse line of low voltage wall plates on the planet.  Our unique recessed design keeps jacks and connectors set back away from potential damage.  But it isn't just the way we engineer our products that makes us stand out in a crowd -- it's also the way we engineer our manufacturing processes.  This allows us to "build to order" so that any combination of jacks desired can be fabricated and shipped IN 2 DAYS!  And yet with pricing that is competitive to "off the shelf" brands. There are many advantages that this format gives our dealers. Among them are:


MORE COLORS: we currently have EIGHTEEN to choose from -- new colors added by request


MORE OPTIONS:  we stock over 60 different connectors -- lots in nickel or gold, lots with color coding options


MORE VARIETY: many combinations that no one else can offer


HIGHER DENSITY: that can mean fewer plates, therefore less plate cost


ORDERING BY THE JOB:  that leads to higher turns, thus lower inventory costs


PROPER COVER SIZES INCLUDED:  no more stacks of extra single gang covers, and fewer orders to place to get everything you need.



We take the "Custom" (long lead time, high cost) out of custom.  To find out more about how our program can increase your flexibility and profitability, please give us a call. 
We'll do everything we can to help.